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The 3 Best Search Engine Marketing Types that You must Know!

Search Engine Marketing

Building a business is a layered process. Although essential, ideas and opening up physical or virtual shops are just the basics. If you cannot market your product and services, sitting at the warehouse will do you no good. SEM allows you to view your products and services easily.

Digital marketing has taken the world by storm, not only for online businesses but also for on-site stores that deliver their products wherever you desire. 

iCreativesol makes sure that your sales are boosted by excellent ideas for engaging with your audience. Our efforts determine a rise in traffic as we ensure that your website is more approachable and accessible.

In order to maximize your profit margin, you can also invest in SME, that is, search engine marketing through Search Engine Optimization. If you want to learn more about this topic, read on!

What is Search Engine Marketing?

Search engine Marketing or SME ensures search engine ranking rises constantly. When you work for another brand, you link your website as well. This increases your SEO ranking and thus markets your products and services as well.

It is an effective way to broaden your reach and increase visibility using paid and unpaid means. After your product is launched, you design an aesthetically pleasing and attractive website so that people analyze your products and services. If they like it, they move on to the transaction process. The more clients you attract, the more traffic, which increases your Search Engine Optimization. However, Search Engine Marketing is done through promotional methods. That is, ads on the social media platforms or links that indirectly market your products, and you profit from them as well. Every day almost 59% of those using the Internet use search engines.

What is the main goal of Search Marketing?

The overall goal of SEM is to enhance the range of vision in search engines by securing better rankings in the search engine results pages or higher positions for ad placements.

Higher ad positions and rankings mean more traffic, which has many added advantages.

Importance of search marketing

Let’s examine the importance of SEM for the success of an eCommerce business or even for a display website. For Instance, Charles and Kieth. It will display all it offers but does not have a delivery service. Instead, it showcases the shops that you get the product from.

When you search for something and choose a website regarding the information you seek, you can often see ads pop up regarding related information or even unrelated ones that you may or may need. Therefore, you can invest in paid ads on other websites to maximize traffic reach. After your potential clients click on your link, they may like what you have to offer.

They have developed complex algorithms that consider several variables before deciding which websites or ads to show in the top positions.

Search engine marketing is essential because it’s the way to increase your website accessibility and visibility so that they appear at the top.

Your aim is to improve your quality and market not only your commodity but also SEM. The analysis represents that most users click on one of the top ads or one of the first five organic results.

Search marketing types

Two main types of Search marketing are:


When your website ranks on the first page on a search engine because you optimize the keywords of your content along with variations, it is called SEO. Search engine optimization is done in three different ways that are:

On-page SEO 

Off-page SEO

Technical SEO


There is another way to generate organic traffic, and that is through paid ads. When you search for something on Google, you are presented with Paid Ads above and below the organic results.

Types of search engine marketing

There are three main types of SEM; all of them help you gain a larger audience from a more comprehensive visibility range from search results.

  1. PPC or better known as Pay-per-click
  2. Local SEO and
  3. Organic SEO

The main differences between the three are:

1) What makes your business or content interesting to be displayed in the search result.

2) How quickly do you rank when someone searches up to your chosen keywords or their variations.

3) What are the main factors that contribute to the things that allow you to rank on a search engine.

Pay per click 

It is a way to widen your market range so that more and more are directed to your website, which improves SEM. Every time a person clicks on your ad, you get paid for every click. This is another example of online marketing which allows your brand to be showcased in sponsored search results.

There are three parties involved in this whole transaction: Google, Website A, and Website. Website A is your brand trying to market your product through Website B’s site. In order to showcase your ad, you will approach Google ads, where you will pay Google to target the specific audience for your ad. Then, Website B will portray your ad to its users, and whenever they click on it, you will be paid and will thus generate traffic to your website.

Advertisements can appear at the top or on the bottom of a search results page. Google labels paid search results as “sponsored” or an “Ad.”

Local SEO 

Local search marketing is a digital marketing service that businesses approach the local audience. Your market products will be more what they want and desire sitting in the same locality. After SEO and SEM, it will portray the exact location through maps, making it a much faster and more valuable experience for your customers.

Local search results are portrayed in the middle of the search engine results pages and show up because of the presence of a map.

Organic SEO 

Organic SEO refers to the ways accustomed to acquiring a high placement (or ranking) on a search engine results page. You can boost keywords, and backlinks and write high-quality content. This will all improve a site’s page rank.

You can count on organic SEO, which means they’ll grow, expand and adapt over time in response to readers’ needs.

Organic search results seem roughly within the middle of the SERPs, usually sandwiched between paid search results and below native (if native results area unit displayed).

Ending Note

Today, an online presence has become a necessity. The internet can provide us with information on almost everything, and an online platform has made it easier to buy and sell or even exchange products and services. All you have to do is type in your query, and you will have multiple pages to choose from for the best possible information.



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