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5 Ways to Get More Google Reviews in 2023

5 ways to get more Google reviews

Nowadays, before anyone buys a product or avails of your services, they usually want to find out if that is suitable enough to spend their money on. That is why they look for honest Google reviews to have the best experience. They want to see if other people liked the product and know the reason behind it. Likewise, if they do not like it, why was their experience terrible, and what can be improved.

Everyone’s tastes differ from person to person; therefore, it is necessary to find out what you want to benefit from someone else’s experience. They can do that through Google reviews for continuous updates on a  particular brand.

Google reviews 

Google reviews are the most authentic place where you can get honest reviews. It enables your brand to stand out. Mainly because Google shows the reviews and showcases your business profile in the search engine and location as well. Also, the significant part about this is that you do not necessarily have a Gmail account to post a review.

Through Google Business and thus through Google reviews, your potential customer can contact you immediately for more details and specifications and boost up your SEO ranking as well.

Generate more leads

If your product is good enough, repeat customers are a must. They will value your quality and pay for the excellent service or product. More importantly, they will refer you to other people as well. If the potential new clients receive validation from the old, they will eventually be more willing to buy it themselves.

Rank higher with better reviews

Constructive criticism allows your website to do well in terms of ranking. If you are listed in Google Business, you will naturally have a larger audience. Then when you start to get proper reviews on your products or services, your brand will be on top of the search list.

For instance, a company with five reviews compared to a brand with the same range/ variance of products/ services will have a lower ranking than the latter.

Free publicity

Unlike other forms of publicity, this one is costless. Firstly Google Business charges you nothing if you want to list your entrepreneurship in the tool. This makes your brand more accessible to your audience. When your company’s visibility increases, it allows your customers to take a look at what you are offering and thus give a review on it, which becomes free marketing if they are positive.

Ways to get more google reviews 

Suppose you are listed in Google My Business. In that case, it is much easier for your brand to be more approachable/ Creating a business profile will inform your customers of critical information on local search results. This includes your company name, phone number, and general customer feedback.

Getting those reviews may seem a little daunting, especially if you’re new to the foray of digital marketing and online reputation management.

  1. Ask for Google reviews

If you run a front business, kindly ask your customers to write down a review as they leave is one choice. Conversely, if you’re a service-based business, you’ll be able to request reviews over the phone or via text or email. This will maintain contact after the deal is done.

This will benefit you but will also maintain a relationship with your customer. They may feel that you care about your service quality rather than just focusing on the monetary gain and job done. Somehow it can make them feel special after being called individually about their review and experience.

  • Design attractive leave-behinds

After work well done, it is a natural desire to know if your client feels the same way. If they had any complaints or loved your work, they thought there could be some improvement. After that process, when the conversation or deal is at its end, you can also hook your clients for the future.

Create a lasting impression. Make sure you not only focus on the work but also add the client’s feelings and ideas into the work of art. You can offer them a deal at the final stages if they want to hire you for their next project. Make sure you guide them if something is wrong and the minor fixing they can do themselves. Also, if they ever need assistance on something unmanageable on their own, they can contact you quickly.

 It would help encourage them to share this feedback online and keep your business at the highest of their mind for future referrals. Leave-behinds confer with the promoting content you produce, which will be left behind with the client so that they keep in mind your business. Consider it as an identity card, except to get reviews.

Including a nicely designed review card as a part of this package can provide your happy customers with a nudge to share their praise online.

3. Leverage Google’s resources

Google has many resources for little business homeowners to accomplish their native SEO goals. You can produce your own Google reviews link when you make a link that can be shared directly with your customers. This will facilitate direct customers straight to the review page.

These links are often embedded into your website, blogs, social media sites, and even receipts. Brainstorm all your business platforms on your client base frequency and how best to position the client review link.

Be thorough with Google’s review policy and tips. Soliciting reviews could be an excellent way to grow your business; however, inventing reviews yourself is wrong, and so is paying people to rate and write positive reviews. If caught, as people will eventually know that the website is not as great as it is being portrayed, it may take away your business listing.

4. Create a Google reviews email campaign

Email campaigns have proved to be effective in partaking with customers. 80%professionals claim that email marketing will increase client retention. When you collect client info, ensure that you get their email addresses.

If you already have that information, you’ll be able to take it a step further and divide them into sub-categories depending on the kind of client, whether they are new customers, repeat customers, or perhaps discontented customers.

Creating Google reviews campaigns customized specifically for these client teams will go a long way in growing your reviews. There are some ways to ensure that you sound professional and not too overbearing at the same time.

For instance, do not sound generic and interact with them exceedingly personally. Then, thank the client for doing business with you and politely request feedback.

This pattern will make the client appreciate your efforts in contacting them about their experience and due to the concise interaction will not take too much time out of their hectic schedules

Ending Note

Did you know that 90% of customers read online reviews before deciding to drop by a store?

Reviews play an important role if you focus on your quality and quantity simultaneously. If your brand is worth enough to attract customers, they will come again, and not only that, they will refer you to other people.

Hence, when the referred customers check your positive reviews, they will have no hesitation taking one step forward to be potential customers. The trust you build will be a chain reaction that will lead to business prosperity.



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