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10 Ubercool Ways to Get Customer Reviews on Social Media

Customer Reviews on Social Media

Ways to Get Customer Reviews on Social Media

It is always said that “customer is always right” there is no opponent suggestion needed if you want to build your name as a brand in the market. That’s why customer reviews matter a lot! Customer reviews help us to improve the flaws and lack if any. People often take an interest in a brand after seeing customer reviews on social media marketing platforms. As businesses are more accessible on social media soo far, you can not neglect the power of digital interaction.

The digital epoch of technology allows us to build an online reputation in a very short time. Undoubtedly, digitalization saves time, cost, and effort in building a business reputation in the long run.

Engagement on your postings serves as social proof, but reviews on social media serve as significant testimonies that may influence how new consumers see your company. They function as a digital equivalent of word-of-mouth marketing, with the ability to reach out to anybody who visits your Pages and profiles.

Customer reviews on social media are the door to more customers. The more people hear about you from your existing customers, the more prospect convert into potential customers. The succinct impact of customer words turns to engagement, reaching a larger audience, driving traffic, and boosting performance.

Customer Reviews on Social Media

What do You need To Get Customer Reviews On Social Media?

First and foremost, prioritize the social channel you think will get high engagement and audience. If you have multiple options, then sort them out with the collective performance of your social media page. Maybe most of the audience uses Facebook or Instagram. It all depends upon what you are selling and for whom you are selling.

For example, if you are offering co-working space for employees, you can post your services on LinkedIn as well. Every marketing touchpoint has its own benefits.

Understand the intended audience. What does your audience want to see, and what type of content will appeal to them to convert instantly. For example, an organization selling kids’ stationery and toys must be attractive and engaging with animated cartoons or similar elements. So, parents can enjoy page activities and buy from you to make their kids happy.

Your social media pages must convey the brand value and message that can hit your prospect in real-time. Although there are many ways to get customer reviews on social media, the most effective platform-centered ones are listed below.

10 Ways To Get Customer Reviews on Social Media

Review Section Visibility

Are you ready to receive positive and negative reviews from your customers? If yes, then activate your review section and start getting reviews. It is totally fine to read the negative posts as it helps you improve your performance in the industry.

In B2B businesses, the buyers are more formal, and they speak out about what they feel. If your product is impressive and useful for users, they don’t take a second to praise it, but you will get their feedback if it is not. However, it’s up to you to take as constructive feedback.

If your target audience uses Facebook, make sure your review section is visible, and people can put their opinion freely.

Facebook Customer Reviews

Quick Respond To All Review

Show your customer the right gesture by thanking them in their feedback with some personalization message. Whether the feedback is negative or positive, try to overcome customers’ anger by assisting their issues and appreciating them, letting you know about the subject.

Once you start responding to their feedback, they will feel connected and valuable to the company. Always try to leave a message in their inbox so they will always be ready to tell you what goods and what needs improvements in your product/services.

Google Reviews

People always google their desired product first and then go to social media platforms. As they redirect all social media accounts, they easily access them. Once they access it, they like and follow the page to interact with your products. As a result, it drives the target audience to your page.

Anyhow, Google reviews are the most trustworthy as it is authentic and instantly showcase customer reviews as soon as they interact with your products. The bright yellow five starts put on views, and the new visitor can easily see the ratings and comments under the Google maps.

Verify Your Business On Google

To display the Google reviews under the Google map, you have to verify your business on Google. Users leave their reviews, and you can also respond to them to make them authentic and increase engagements. Let your Google reviews pop up in the map section and give a reason to trust your brand.

Google Reviews

Keep Your Social Accounts in Email Signature

Email is the formal way to interact with your customers. You can add an eye-catching subject line, engaging and informative content, CTAs, and most importantly, your signature with social media referrals. As soon as they reach your social account, see the page activity and customer reviews, and decide to buy your product/services. And the loop of getting customer reviews on social media is never-ending.

 Yes, you will cordially invite them to join your community by sending emails with social media links such as Facebook, Google, Instagram, WhatsApp, etc. Get reviews by sending emails and inviting them to give feedback on their buying products.

Positive Feedback Impact

You may enhance comments on Google by designating them “useful.” It is something that anybody can do, but you can get a head start by marking the most favorable reviews as helpful. Not only will this assist you in prioritizing the most complimentary remarks, which will benefit your business, but it will also demonstrate to other users that people are reading the reviews—which may motivate them to participate as well.

LinkedIn Reviews & Recommendation

LinkedIn is the source of interacting professionals and starts interacting as much as possible. It is a place where you can grow professionally by getting recommendations. These recommendation helps you individually as an employee or collectively as an organization or employer.

Recommendations work so well for freelancers, candidates, insurance agents, brokers, etc., to build trust and get maximum profile search. Moreover, on the employers’ side, organizations get recommended by the employees to be the best workplace in the industry. When organizations get these reviews, it makes a better place to work, and employees feel satisfied with the organizational environment. As a result, it will boost employer and employee branding as a whole.

LinkedIn Recommendation and Reviews

Invite Connection to Review Your Work

It is the most succinct yet formal way to ask your customers, colleagues, friends, subordinates, and supervisor to leave a review as a recommendation. Make your profile up-to-date by adding your experience, achievements, interest, academics, etc. It is also more professional to recommend honestly other people/brands after seeing their work so, in return, they will also do this for you. Set the field in which you want to get recommendations, create a professional message to send your LinkedIn members, and see who will be helping you in it.

Listing your brand

Many websites review your brand and recommend their audience. You just need to fill out the review form or list your product so they will review your site, rank you and give you a top-rated badge to embed on your websites. This will help visitors trust your brand and drive more traffic to your website. A few software review websites are Cruchbase, Captera, SoftwareReviews, Yelp, G2, etc.

More than that, you can endorse celebrities to review your product, post review blogs, create Vlogs, introduce yin podcasts, and much more. For example, Ryan Reynolds, a well-known actor and film producer, made headlines when he and Mint Mobile teamed together. He began by building a partnership with Mint Mobile.

Offer Rewards in return for feedback

This is the most traditional yet effective way to get reviews n your social media. No doubt, we all love rewards, no matter if it is a discount, vouchers, free downloads, etc., you can get more feedback by giving discounts and rewards, and they also refer others to do the same. Although, posting rewards and incentives on customer reviews on social media platforms will also be beneficial for you.

Wrapping Up!

So there are top 10 ways to get customer reviews on social media to get more engagement and loyal customers. People believe in word-of-mouth more than you and your company’s assets. So, try to gather an audience who can help you grow and bring more customers for your business growth.

If you are finding a company that is helping you to get customer reputation management, iCreativeSOL is the solution. We are very confident in our digital marketing and SEO services as we have successfully done 800+ projects to date. So are you ready to get more reviews from all your social media channels? We are waiting to get in touch with you.



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