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How to Recover Your Google Ranking?

How to Recover Your Google Ranking

How to Recover Your Google Ranking: 3 Potential Reasons to Heading into 2022

Do you want to be the best friend of Google who always marks you top of all? Unfortunately, no one is best friends with Google. Specifically, it might be difficult to keep up with Google updates and algorithm changes. Moreover, it is hard to diagnose particular sources of website traffic loss that drop Google ranking.

Google has been more aggressive in pushing out modifications to its search algorithm over the last year.  Introducing three Core Updates as well as a number of more specifically targeted enhancements. However, if you are the one who stays up-to-date regarding SEO services and their algorithm update. You may lose your site ranking.

Many of these updates overlap and are a bit confusing and more difficult to understand. Consequently, it affects the website traffic and maybe a loss Google’s ranking.

So, what you can do to stabilize your ranking on Google search is I am going to tell you.

Google Page Experience and Core Web Vitals

This summer, I found my Google ranking from top to down. However,  the reason is Google’ Page experience update. It is concluding in early September.

google page experience

This upgrade rewards safe and fast-loading pages on mobile devices that meet Google’s Core Web Vitals standards. Although the SEO effects have been relatively steady so far.  We’ve seen multiple websites suffer from less mobile traffic due to the upgrade.

Additionally, in the first quarter of 2022. Google has assured us that this upgrade would be out to the Google search results. Providing a chance to enhance current site performance while keeping on top of future improvements.

If your site’s Page Experience and Core Web Vitals metrics dropped in late summer. Moreover, if you missed the new standards, it could be worth investing time in fixing them.

Don’t know where to start? Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse tools have just been upgraded to assist you better identifying the reasons for slow site speed and spot Core Web Vitals failures.

Search Console provides extra information about your website’s performance and can assist programmers in gaining a better understanding of the problem.

It’s crucial to remember that this is mostly a page-level upgrade, therefore webmasters will be required to do URL-level inspections. This may require a major time commitment for bigger websites, which may be why Google offered such an advanced warning of this modification.

To identify problems faster, look at your website’s pages on a theme or page-type level to find remedies that can be implemented to all pages of that page type and design.

Pushing things a step further, cloud hosting providers like AWS or Cloud flare may be interesting to consider for your website. Constructed performance and security enhancements in these solutions can improve your site load faster on desktop and mobile devices. You might also employ a specialist to help you and your developers understand a complicated technological project.

Build Authentic And Related Content Materials

The most recent edition of Google’s Search Quality Guidelines streamlines their content quality recommendations, particularly for finance, healthcare, e-commerce, and so on.

We’ve observed content quality is a significant indication of how your website will do during a Core Update, so staying on top of Google’s suggested industry standards and producing material that fits your consumers’ demands – particularly when contrasted to your rivals – is always a smart idea.

If you dropped SEO exposure in a few recent months, it’s possible that a Core Algorithm modification was the cause, and it’s also possible that low content quality or a weak user experience were factors.

To assure the quality of your content, you need to ask yourself a few questions that can give you constructive feedback regarding your concern.

Do you have a specialized content provider who actually writes for the sake of achieving SEO goals? Are you introducing your author profile to authenticate your content? This is notably critical in YMYL categories to indicate E-A-T, albeit there are times when it isn’t necessary.

Produce Quality Content

Does your content cover all the expectations of your product? Are you presenting the right suggestion and option through your content including the advantages and disadvantages of your product or services? No doubt, if your content covers all these aspects, it will display as a complete picture in front of Google eye, and chances to rank your content.

Is your content style based on the way you search globally? The searcher wants quick and relevant answers. If you make them mysterious, they will surely leave your site. Even Google will not help you to showcase your product.

Are there too many advertisements on the website, particularly above-the-fold ads, interstitials, pop-ups, or overlays? Advertising should, if feasible, complement rather than detract from your main content.

Is your content digestible? Like long paragraphs are hard-to-read. Making it a storyline or creating content in lightweight helps users to understand fast and able to recognize what you want to say clearly. Adding bullets, tables, infographics, etc can make your content easy to read.

Have you worked on high-resolution media objectives? You should keep in your mind that images and videos can genuinely help in search engine optimization. Also, do you create external (quality backlink) and internal links?

Publish Content on Different Sites

Backlinks that are pertinent with great quality are still a key to how well a website will perform, and gaining natural links is still one of the most difficult aspects of SEO to webmaster.

Google has a long history of penalizing artificial links, and in 2021, we can expect the search engine to persist to filter out links that it believes violate its webmaster standards.

In the recent Google update in July, they introduced link SPAM that can filter out specifically those links that are published on different sites.

publish content

Why are they concentrating their efforts on removing ties from these areas? These connection methods are extremely scalable, although they are frequently low-value and low-effort.

They cause long-term harm by forming clearly observable abnormal connection patterns. This upgrade confirms what we’ve seen time and time again: when a link-building strategy becomes too successful, Google will ultimately intervene. It’s no wonder that Google uses an algorithm to filter out connections that meet these criteria.

So, how can you recover the lost link?

Natural link acquisition might be the most successful component of your SEO plan, so keep that in mind. Natural links from reputable websites will deliver safe, successful, and long-term outcomes.

Regularly obtaining these sorts of connections is dependent on the quality of your content and its readership, therefore the optimal technique combines your engagement strategy with your content plan and editorial schedule.

Over To You

Don’t know where to start? Google’s PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse tools have just been upgraded to assist you. Furthermore, It will help you to identify the reasons for slow site speed and spot Core Web Vitals failures.

Taking a comprehensive strategy to your SEO efforts, which includes technical, backlinks, speed, content, and UX considerations can help you regain your Google rankings and prevent the chance of being severely impacted by Google aggressive changing algorithms.



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