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What is Motion Graphics Design? Updated Guides

What is Motion Graphics Updated Guides 2022

What is Motion Graphics?

The more we change, consumers in any field want something new. The ever-changing requirements and needs have brought every business on its toes to keep up with the latest trends. Motion graphics is one the most outstanding examples of the perpetual advancements of pictures, then motion pictures. Furthermore, technology moved onto graphics, and now we produce varieties of motion graphics.

Motion graphics or motion design basically means movements in graphics. The purpose of these designs is to make the presented graphic a little more interacting and attractive. When you add movements in a simple graphic design, it creates more of an aesthetic image for your brand, which compels potential customers.

In motion graphics, there can be any sort of movement. For instance, acceleration, speed, motions, etc. This can be done through shapes, grids, attractive lettering, and much more. It makes it easier for the clients to relate to when design elements are brought to life with these tools and makes it easier for the clients to relate to.

History of motion graphics

At first, the concept of moving pictures was only in movies and cartoons. Therefore there was only one concept of still graphic designs. However, the idea of opening titles led to more ideas for moving images.

Graphic designing was joint experimentation of Mclaren and Fischinger in 1940. However, it was brought into the limelight in the ’50s. It was taken by the storm by the audience as it was a pleasing surprise for them to see multiple graphics at the same time on a big screen.

Motion graphics is very closely related to advancement in technology. They have revolutionized together. The software itself has become accessible, and there are now more and more developers in this field. The amount of screens everywhere has made graphic designing much more in demand. Whether it is billboards, smart accessories like fridges, or cars, there is a need for graphic design everywhere.

Uses of motion graphics

There are multiple uses and benefits of motion graphics. It was first used to emphasize a certain point. Nowadays, it can be a center of attention and provide a range of purposes.

On television, motion design can be used for opening Tv shows. Now, when you introduce or market your product, it is presented through billboards or personal information about the company and much more. When you watch the news, they show fancy graphics in the background that also comes under the umbrella of motion graphics.

You can spot motion graphics everywhere. When you walk through airport terminals, you might have seen the projected signs. Other than that, you might have also had a look over at the traffic lights on a zebra crossing or when we stop at the signal. Whether it’s the big screen or as ordinary as the signs on the streets, motion graphics are everywhere to make everything a little larger than life.

Difference between motion graphics and animation

People often think that graphics and animations are the same things. However, they are not. However, motion graphics is a type of animation. The main difference between them is the usage of original content. Animation produces content from real life. For example, cartoons are designed for people, animals, and things. Although in motion graphics, there is originality from shapes, objects, or text being set in motion.

Motion graphics can illustrate complex ideas clearly. Furthermore, it appeals to a much larger audience. The main thing that differentiates motion graphics from any other type of animation is the content. For instance, if you want your statistics to show movement in shapes and objects, that is Graphic design; however, if you want your sketch that showcases humans, that will be defined as animation.

Eight trends of Motion graphics that are trending in the coming year!

Like anything else, motion graphic designers need to keep their designs updated according to the latest trends and requirements. In recent times, motion graphics have been high in demand in almost every industry. As the field is directly related to the evolution of technology, every time something new is invented in order to market and showcase it, motion graphic designers have to keep up.

In the last couple of years, the latest trends included eye-catching color palettes and schemes. Moreover, there was the hype over simple designs.

However, there are some new trends that are trending from the beginning of the year that is going to be popular in the coming months as well. Let’s have a look.

Animated collage 

Animated collages are basically a combination of animations and graphic motions. Designers produce a story through illustrations and photos to make it look real and yet an unpolished look of the final motion design. The result of the dynamic duo creates quite an effect.

This includes morphing as well. When the designer seamlessly moves the designs from animations to graphic motions, it looks impeccable in the final result.

We see shapes and textures transform so quickly and flawlessly and also keep the viewer interested and wanting for more. You can include liquid motions in your designs as well. It integrates typography and art with a modern twist.

Kinetic typography 

Motion graphics do not only attract the audience with the movement of objects and graphs. Typography plays a vital role when you are trying to make a lasting impression. Reading an attractive and relatable tagline makes people a little more interested in giving a second glance at what you are representing.


People often look for imperfection in perfection. That makes them understand that the people behind the brand are also humans, and they are prone to mistakes. Looking at perfect representation often gives away the idea of trying too hard or a rather polished look. Glitches help create little imperfections. For instance, some distorted colors or some flickering static can help connect with the customer. You can also distort or change images and highlight different textures.

Isometric shapes

Creating a larger life representation is the basic description of motion graphics. The design itself is pretty simple. However, it creates something incredible when you add effects and movements. A great example of this is 2D and 3D shapes. They have illustrations and animations in them.


Using Retro effects in motion graphics creates a whole new experience. Not only is it so much fun recalling the fun eras but adding graphic design plus the imagination takes it to a whole new level. It is the job of the designer to recreate the retro look into something new. However, make sure not to lose the olden era effect nor completely leave us back in that time. It creates a whole new spectrum of analysis, creation, and imagination.

Ending Note

These are just some ways to make your brand more attractive and relatable. Moreover, it also makes your identity memorable, which in return results in a return customer. It is a great tool to help your company stand out in a crowd.



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