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How to Design Kickass Digital Marketing Strategy with Data Analytics — A Guide to Get Sustainable Results

How to Design Kickass Digital Marketing Strategy with Data Analytics

2022 is the year of data for digital marketing strategy. There is no shortage of data these days. By using the latest and ever-growing number of analytic tools, marketers can track and measure every campaign online or a conventional offline campaign.

Let me tell you, this is no exaggeration. As of 2021, the size of the big data analytics market was $231.43 billion. However, it is expected to reach $549.73 billion by 2028.

What is Big Data Analytics?

Big data analytics utilizes advanced analytics tools and techniques to evaluate huge, complex, and diverse data sets. That may include structured, semi-structured, and sometimes unstructured data. Furthermore, the size of data obtained from different sources may vary from terabytes to zettabytes.

You must have seen marketers who measure their digital marketing strategies through data analytics tools. But few digital marketing agencies leverage their marketing strategies with the help of analytics tools. Undoubtedly, they are the gem of their class.

What Is Data Analytics in Digital Marketing Strategy?

The role of data analytics in marketing is to measure, analyze, and apply data sets to different steps of your conventional and digital marketing campaigns. Not just limiting it to track the ROI of that campaign!

The process of data analytics starts with data collection. You can collect the user’s information and behavior by simply adding an analytics tool like Google Analytics to your website. Moreover, the actual job is to identify key metrics and evaluate them based on your collected data.

You can use data analytics for new and existing campaigns as well. For instance, if you want to launch a new PPC campaign, you can use copy data of the existing email marketing campaign. Also, you can use Google Analytics to increase conversion rates by changing the layout of your website.


Why You Should Use Data Analytics in Your Marketing Campaigns

Simply stated, using data analytics in digital marketing strategy brings you results. Let’s back our statement with some facts and figures gathered from industry professionals:

  • According to Forrester, your campaign is likely to get 39% more results if marketers use five or more tools in their marketing analytics.
  • Research from Google and Econsultancy shows that two-thirds of marketers think decisions made with data are better than those made with mere guts instincts.
  • With data analytics, you can stretch your budget. You can see the success that employing strategies will generate. So, it is easier to increase the marketing campaigns budget by showing executives the bottom line it will make. 13.4% of marketers think getting the required budget is difficult, but data analytics tools make it easier.
  • Personalization strategies significantly impact marketing activities. According to experts, 80% of consumers are likely to purchase when the brand has used a personalization strategy.

You can not make personalization strategies if you do not know your customers’ needs, wants, and behavior. Moreover, using data that creates an amazing customer experience is very important to your success if your customer is strictly selective about their brands.

5 Strategies To Use Marketing with Data Analytics

1. Create Customer-Centred Content

Measuring the performance of your content marketing strategy is vital to keeping track of your marketing efforts. According to a report by Content Marketing Institute;

  • Around 78% of marketers measure content performance,
  • 63% establish KPIs, and
  • 51% measure content ROI.

If you are a digital marketing strategist or want to run digital marketing campaigns for your brand, you must have known that content is the king of the digital marketing world. Furthermore, the above statistics show us how important it is to keep track of your content.

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2. Personalized Customer Experience

According to research, 65% of customers happily share their data to get a personalized shopping experience.

Data analytics tools are the best way to communicate personalized messages to your customers. Email is one of the best communication channels to deliver personalized messages to existing and potential customers.

AI-based tools ActiveCampaign, Campaign Monitor, and  Klayvio make it easier for you to use information about your customers like purchasing history, online shopping behavior, and items added in carts but never purchased and send personalized emails to customers.

The website experience can also help to create a personalized marketing experience. Google Optimize turns the KPIs you use in Google Analytics into personalization marketing opportunities. For example, you can use Google Optimize to turn the KPIs you track in Google Analytics into personalization opportunities with this tool. For instance, you can show:

  • a personalized webpage to a specific person or group of people based on geographic location.
  • Different webpage to different people based on the website they are coming from.
  • Personalized pages based on their shopping history.

Personalization is one of the most significant trends that has been followed by marketing for the last few years, and it is expected to be followed in 2022. Furthermore, data analysis tools have made it easier for marketers to create a personalized digital marketing strategy.

3. Improve One Marketing Channel With Data From Another

If you want to launch a new marketing channel or improve an existing one, and you know how to use data analytics in a digital marketing strategy. Then you don’t need to start from scratch.

You can use this trick in almost every marketing channel. We have listed down some most important them:

  • Email open rates can leverage potential new blog topics.
  • You can use live chat inquiries to identify potential new landing pages.
  • Your Instagram data can strategize your TikTok strategy.

One way that every brand can use across channels is to leverage PPC data to improve website copy. You can use tools like Ubersuggest to see exact keyword volumes and look into the most common search phrases. But one thing to keep in mind is that these keywords help you attract users rather than convert them.

4. Leverage A/B Tests to Optimize Your Site

We can see the importance of data analytics in digital marketing strategy with A/B tests. It is a famous method of optimizing emails, landing pages, and other digital marketing messages. It is also known as Split Testing. If you have ever done A/B testing, then boom! You have already incorporated data analytics in your digital marketing strategy.

A/B testing helps you focus on what is essential for your brand and the audience. It takes a guess and luck instead of hardcore data. According to a survey, 77% of companies use the A/B test to find the best performer for different campaigns.

5. Improve Buyer Personas

A good marketer understands their customer base. This customer base or target market brings the concept of Buyer Personas. So, buyer personas are detailed descriptions of your target audience. A buyer persona typically contains detailed personal information based on a fictional person.

Big data analytics has a huge role in shaping the right buyer persona for your brand. According to a report by HubSpot, you can make your website two to five times more effective and easy to use if you can use buyer personas the correct way.

If data do not back your buyer personas, then they are not as accurate and fruitful as they should be. Customer data is essentially vital to curating a unique and valuable buyer persona.


To design an effective digital marketing strategy, you should use data analytics tools. Data is the king of today’s age. You are just a step away from success if you know how to effectively use data and evaluate results based on big data analysis tools.

At iCreativeSol, we have a team of the best digital marketing experts. Our marketing managers design an effective digital marketing strategy for your brand using the industry-best data analytics tools.



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