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What is Omnichannel Marketing?

Top 10 Omnichannel Marketing Experiences You Can't Ignore!

What is Omnichannel Marketing? Top 10 Omnichannel Experiences You Can't Ignore!

Are you familiar with the term “omnichannel marketing?” If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. This relatively new marketing buzzword has been around for a few years now, but it’s still something that many business owners are unsure of.

There’s no doubt about it – omnichannel marketing is the future of successful business. If you’re not thinking about an omnichannel strategy, you’re missing out on a wealth of opportunities to connect with your customers. But what is omnichannel marketing, exactly? And what are the top 10 experiences you can’t ignore if you want to stay ahead of the curve? Keep reading to find out!

While searching online, you must probably visit different resources or channels of a single brand to know the in-depth information and get direct access to purchase it right away.

The more information and unification you experience, the more you can trust the brand. And here comes omnichannel marketing that helps to associate all in one centralized epic.

It’s been a long time since we have heard the term multichannel marketing but now the missing puzzle of multichannel has been found and it turns the game into a more comprehensive way.

Guessing the missing puzzle leads you to the customer experience and makes it omnichannel marketing.

Let’s dig deeper! What is omnichannel and what is the biggest difference between omnichannel marketing and multichannel marketing? We will have a whole discussion on it. Stay tuned!

Start With The Basic: Omnichannel Vs Multichannel

It seems so relatable but it is actually not. Omnichannel is a customer-centric approach where the main concentration of omnichannel marketing is THE CUSTOMER.

Omnichannel marketing is all about making the customer experience seamless and unified, no matter which channels your customer is using.

In simple words, omnichannel marketing creates a centralized and integrated experience so your customers can access you wherever they want.

The omnichannel marketing approach is based on all traditional and digital marketing channels such as physical stores, online stores, social media channels, emails, website mobile applications, etc. It possesses a specific goal to make your customers stick to your brand.

On the other hand, multichannel is not integrated, also it concentrates the channel to channel strategy. Since every channel has its own goal, your customer does not feel a unified experience.

Whatever the channel you are using to market your product, if they are all integrated to provide a unified experience with the same brand messages, you can say that it’s omnichannel marketing.

The most important omnichannel strategy starts with these platforms that must be integrated across the channel.

Using Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp, and other platforms to increase engagement and to promote your product or services in a centralized way.

A strategic way to bring your customers to your store to showcase products that they want. Website is the source of trust and the validity of your brand’s existence.

Building mobile apps is another way to give them a personalized user experience with a user-friendly interface. The app must have the vision, goals, and optimum functionalities and features.

Another important aspect is advanced advertising strategies that can help to convey your brand message in a unified way. Once your customer searches for the product, you can show the exact product as a recommendation.

These are a few, you can add more to promote your product such as email marketing, affiliate marketing, brick & mortar, public relation, etc.

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Concept of Omnichannel Remarketing: The Way of Accelerate Conversion

A cookie-based technology that equips marketers to track their prospects and customers all across the web once they visited their website. This process refers to omnichannel retargeting or omnichannel remarketing.

Additionally, omnichannel remarketing plays a vital role to target those audiences who are familiar with your brand and reach your website to approach their desired products. Although, there are many reasons prospects don’t convert into your potential customer or you can say they do not buy what they are interested in. Like higher prices, not suitable payment gateways, lengthy checkouts, inaccessible sites, etc. customers abandon the cart and leave your site.

In this situation, what omnichannel remarketing concept will help! It helps to remind your customers that they have left their favorite product in the cart.

What is the Process of Omnichannel Remarketing?

Omnichannel remarketing or retargeting is a lengthy yet most effective approach. The whole process of omnichannel remarketing usually has four stages:

1. Identification of Your Leads

Website visits and inbound calls help to create a list of non-converting prospects. This authentication is often done through an in-built repository of authoritative identity data and is a requirement for omnichannel remarketing efforts.

2. Targeting Authentic Audience

Prospects’ desired data, as well as demographic, psychological, and other useful information are utilized to give hyper-targeted promotions to the most interested prospects and customers.

3. Create the Engagement

With omnichannel marketing associations of different channels provide real-time engagement on different platforms. For instance, once you search for a particular product on the web, you will find related recommendations on Facebook in the form of ads, related posts.

The technology behind this is the Facebook pixel. A Facebook pixel refers to a piece of website code that allows you to track, optimize, and create audiences for your ad campaigns.

4. Attribution Modeling

The cycle of retargeting campaigns is concluded with a thorough examination of the campaign’s performance. This involves determining whether or not sales have increased, as well as audience demographics, conversions, and attribution.

Cookies use to keep track of visitors who have demonstrated an interest in a specific brand. Targeted campaigns are designed to send specific promotional offers to the most qualified prospects.

The Ultimate Omnichannel Experiences For Your Business

Omnichannel marketing transforms the way of shopping and defines the clear picture of customer experience. In the United States, 213 million individuals use the internet on an average of four devices. They’re more connected than ever before, and they have more control over the purchasing process. So, do you think you can leverage it by providing an omnichannel marketing experience?

Customer Retention & Loyalty

You will be amazed after knowing that customer retention rates are 90% higher for omnichannel vs. single channel. (Omnisend, 2020)

Let’s take a real-life example. Oasis, an eCommerce store provided a seamless experience throughout their marketing channel. They have a physical store, eCommerce site, mobile app, to provide an endless shopping experience at every customer touchpoint.

When you walk into their physical store, their salesperson assists remarkably and provides instant information about products. They have an iPad in their hands and do you know what is more fascinating? If they find your desired product out of stock, they quickly order online for you and ship it to your home. See! How customers feel at ease with these integrated channels and they will remain retail for a long time.

Increase Profit and ROI

Every business’s dream is to increase the return of investment and it is the major success of any brand. Omnichannel marketing strategies will help you in this. Once your customer gets access to reach you from every possible channel and platform, it will ultimately grow your sales. From every touchpoint, your brand communicates with your customer and convinces them to make a final decision. According to studies, clients that interact with several touchpoints are 30 percent more valuable.

Integrated Based Business

If you want to provide a unified experience to your customer on all the touchpoints, there is nothing but omnichannel marketing. Marketers that used three or more channels in a single campaign had a 287 percent greater sales rate than those who just used one. Moreover, you can simplify the data of your customers, maintain inventories, and promote brands with a specific voice across the channels.

Better Customer Data and Insights

There’s more. Cookies, device IDs, shopping carts, social media, mailing lists, point-of-sale (POS) systems, referral programs, and other channels and technologies can all be used to gather and unify client data.

Furthermore, it’s also simple to track how each channel contributes to the overall objective. This way, you’ll know what’s wrong and how to correct it, as well as what’s working and how to take full advantage of it.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Buyers love to get what they want at the right time with the perfect customer support. This fuses them with a high level of satisfaction. Omnichannel marketing tactics will help in building trust as they associate all marketing channels to provide the best assistance.

Easy availability of products, informative product description, multiple payment gateways, excellent customer services, and much more to enhance customer satisfaction with omnichannel marketing.

Streamline Customer Experience

The best way to analyze your customer journey is through omnichannel marketing strategies. You can find your drop-outs and offer something special to make their shopping journey more pleasant.

Starbuck, which always comes up with out-of-the-box ideas also has a strong omnichannel marketing strategy. Let’s have a quick squint of Starbuck reward apps. To begin, you will receive a complimentary rewards card that you may use every time you make a purchase.

Unlike other customer loyalty programs, however, Starbucks allows you to check and refill your card by phone, internet, in-store, or on the app. Any changes to the card or your profile can easily manage in real-time across all channels.

Same Messaging Across Channels

What’s better than a specific goal? Consistency of your brand message is as important as your customers. Using the same message across the channel enhances the level of trust and has the same interaction with your customers.

For instance, if you run an ad campaign on the Facebook channel of your signature product, it gets more engaging if you run the same ad on the other platform with the identical intention. It will be more result-driven and bring more customers.

Customer Support on Every Touchpoint

Having an integrated omnichannel marketing platform fully supported by your assistance, what else does your customer want to have a great experience? To provide better customer support, you either need to hire a lot of staff that can help customers in every edge of difficulty or use Artificial intelligence software – CHATBOT. Chatbots is an automated conversational software that can assist and respond all round the clock. This software offers real-time assistance at every platform in real-time without skipping one query. Moreover, if you embed chatbots on your multiple platforms, it can also integrate and provide a unified experience. You don’t need to embed it separately, one is enough for all.

Personalized Experience

In this digital world, personalization plays a vital role to achieve your business goal. Let’s say “hello, hope you are doing well” or “hey Jane, Hope you are doing well”. Did you feel the difference?

Your customer wants a personalized touch in your marketing strategy to make them feel special to you. Let’s say, a customer left the shopping cart on your website, what omnichannel can help in this? If your channels are integrated, you can simply show the same product that he left in the cart. Or you can send a personalized email that can help them remember later.

Device- And Platform-Appropriate CTA

If you want to make your customer perform your desired action, there must be an eye-catching point that can easily be found. No matter what style of content you use. it may be the blog, ad, website, app, organic post, email, etc. CTA drives the prospects into the conversion part of the funnel. The more device and platform appropriate CTA is, the more your customer finds it easy to purchase and checkouts.

How Does pbs digitals Support Omnichannel Marketing?

pbs digitals – a digital marketing agency that provides all omnichannel-related essentials such as mobile app development services, website design and development, social media marketing services, professional SEO services, content writing services, logo design services, and much more.

Overall, it provides digital marketing solutions that must be integrated across the channels. If you want to build an omnichannel platform, you will have to gather all these things first and deliver a unified experience.

pbs digitals engineers and team are obsessed to provide a customer-centric approach that is the ultimate goal of omnichannel marketing strategy. Skilled website designers and developers, mobile app developers, UI/UX designers, Social media marketing team, and others are all set to achieve business goals.

Let’s Wrap Up

The core aim of omnichannel marketing is to integrate all marketing platforms to provide a seamless experience to the end-users. It’s never been more important to stay ahead of the curve in marketing.

And for many companies, that means adopting omnichannel marketing strategies. With an increased number of touchpoints with your customers and the need to provide a high-quality customer experience across all channels, it can be difficult to keep up.

But you don’t have to do this alone! Let us help you get started by providing expert advice on how best to implement these new approaches into your business strategy so that everyone benefits from improved conversion rates and higher ROI.

We want nothing more than for our client’s businesses to grow exponentially! Contact us today if you’re ready to take the next step towards success – we’ll walk through everything together.



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